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School of the Biological Sciences

The primary objectives of the Department of Psychology are to provide world-class research and teaching in Psychology and cognate disciplines. Ranked top in the subject both nationally and globally, research in the department is characterised not only by its innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, but also by being deeply embedded in clinical and societal issues.

Located on two sites in central Cambridge, Downing Site and New Museums Site, they are committed to excellence in undergraduate teaching, and contribute to both the Natural Sciences Tripos and the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos.  A strong focus on graduate education is maintained, with a vibrant international community of MPhil and PhD students.

The Department houses over 20 different research groups, encompassing three key research areas to foster integration: Brain behaviour and cognition, lifespan development, and social behaviour and societies.

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Centre for Family Research


The Centre for Family Research is a multidisciplinary research institute within the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge. The Centre has a worldwide reputation for innovative research that increases understanding of children, parents, and family relationships. The Centre’s research interests cover parent-child relationships and the psychological wellbeing of children in new family forms and children’s relationships within and outside the family in relation to their developing socio-cognitive skills. The Centre has close connections with schools, assisted reproduction and neonatal clinics, adoption services, child psychiatry and clinical genetics departments, and family law professionals.

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Wider Impact

Assessing and addressing the needs of carers

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Head of Department:

Professor Mark Johnson

Departmental Administrator

Jo Simmonds