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School of the Biological Sciences

Person Holding Laboratory Flask

Research Fellows have access to a wide range of training and development opportunities, designed to maximise their professional development and competitiveness for their chosen career, including modules on finding funding, grants management, supportive team leadership, research culture and maximising research impact.


Principal Investigator Programme

This set of topical modules provides essential background information, tools and tips that will help Principal Investigators to understand and implement successful grant management in order to meet University and Funder requirements. This will help them to advance research ideas and projects being well supported and in line with legal, ethical, financial and other regulatory frameworks. The modules are presented in an easily digestible format using real case studies to highlight responsibilities, good practice and available support locally and centrally.

The Programme is available through LinkedIn Learning Pathway (Raven login required).


Inclusive Leadership Programme

This programme is designed to support academic and research leaders and managers with the skills and insights they need to lead others effectively. It will enable participants to reflect on their current leadership style and provide techniques they can use to effectively manage a diverse range of perspectives and create an inclusive culture across the University. Read more

Personal and Professional Development

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is a key programme suitable for those with responsibilities for others’ work, behaviour and development, which aims to help managers refresh and build their skills and experience in this area. As well as clarifying key responsibilities, it focuses on critical areas that some can find more difficult, such as giving and receiving feedback effectively and handling challenging conversations. The programme incorporates tutor input; opportunities for discussion, reflection and sharing of good practice with others with similar responsibilities. It also includes curated e-learning resources to support managers with their ongoing learning and development. Read more


PIs: Working Effectively with your Postdoc: Webinar

This short webinar will explore these questions and consider the key skills and knowledge to achieve an effective and productive working relationship and achieve the project goals together. It will also signpost you to resources and further opportunities to build your skills in this area. Read more


Project Management

The LinkedIn Learning at Cambridge Hub provides links to useful courses on Project Management at different levels. Read more


Academic Career Pathways CV Scheme 

For all academics in all subjects and seeks to encourage and support academics from underrepresented groups to apply for promotion within the University, with the aim of addressing the low numbers of women and racially minoritised academics in senior positions. Read more


Fellows are supported by a formal one-to-one mentoring programme, paired with one senior academic in their host Department and one from beyond their Department in the same Research Theme. Mentors will follow an enabling, non-directive approach to career development support, providing careers advice and guidance, and signposting information and resources.