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The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions Network is a cross-School collective of proactive individuals who are working across all Departments and Institutes to advocate on equality and diversity matters, as well as widening participation. The Network meet monthly to discuss relevant issues, share best practice and identify priority areas for future intervention.





Andrew Blagborough

Department of Pathology





Rosana Collepardo Guevara

Department of Genetics





Ana Cvejic

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute





Marc de la Roche

Department of Biochemistry




Sebastian Eves-van den Akker

Department of Plant Sciences

I want our workplace to be somewhere everyone feels comfortable being whoever they want to be.




Jenny Gallop

Gurdon Institute

I think we do better science when all kinds of talented people are able to contribute.





Golnar Kolahgar

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience




Alexander Jones

Sainsbury Laboratory

I want to help develop and deliver improvements to the way the School recruits and supports community members that face inequity and exclusion.




Julian Parkhill

Department of Veterinary Medicine

I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access teaching and research in Cambridge, and thrive within the community here.





Erika Pinheiro de Castro

Department of Zoology




Mathew van de Pette

MRC Toxicology Unit

I want to help develop a school where staff at all levels feel empowered and valued, while ensuring that we recruit the brightest and best, regardless of their background.




Catherine Wilson

Department of Pharmacology

I believe science is for everyone. I am committed to facilitating an inclusive, diverse and innovative research environment.