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School of the Biological Sciences


The School of Biological Sciences supports the University-led initiatives in the areas of Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing. This includes staff and students networks with the aim to help the University to progress equality.

Inclusion Networks

Biological Sciences Early PI Network 

The Biological Sciences Early PI Network within the School of the Biological Sciences is a group of over 50 Principal Investigators who have started their lab in Cambridge in the last five years. The Network spans all Departments and Institutes in the School and is made up of a mix of Career Development Fellows and Lecturers whose research covers the breadth of biological sciences.

Race Equality Network

The Race Equality Network is a community for staff members who self-identify as being from a racial minority ethnic background and/or who have an interest in the topic of race and would like to contribute to anti-racism initiatives at the University.

LGBT+ Staff Network

The provide support and advice to LGBT+ staff at the University and to act as a forum for consultation between staff and the University's governing body.

Women’s Staff Network

The Women’s Staff Network aims to represent, inspire, support and empower staff who self-identify as women working for the University, a College or an associated institution.

Disabled Staff Network

The Disabled Staff Network is for disabled staff or those with a long-term health condition who work for the University, colleges and other associated institutions.

SPACE: Supporting Parents and Carers @ Cambridge

The SPACE network is a social network where people have the opportunity to exchange experiences and help each other in an informal but confidential fashion.

Support Initiatives

Breaking the Silence

There is no place for any form of harassment or sexual misconduct at the University of Cambridge.  The ‘Breaking the Silence’ initiative aims to prevent harassment and sexual misconduct, and provides a range of resources for staff and students.

Childcare Office

The Childcare Office oversees the facilities and assistance offered to University staff with Children.  The support offered included Workplace Nurseries, a Holiday Play scheme, salary exchange schemes and an information service.

Counselling Service - Staff

The University Staff Counselling Service provides short-term counselling consisting of eight to ten weekly sessions for a range of issues and difficulties with which you may be struggling.

Counselling Service - Students

Many personal decisions are made and problems solved through discussions with friends or family, a College Tutor or Director of Studies, a Nurse, Chaplain, colleague, line manager or a GP. However, at times it is right to seek help away from one’s familiar daily environment. The University Counselling Service exists to meet such a need.

Dignity at Work

The aim of the Dignity at Work policy is to support and sustain a positive working environment for all staff and students, free from any form of unacceptable behaviour.

Equality & Diversity Section

The E&D section seeks to help the University progress equalities policy in line with legislation, and to develop good practice in supporting under-represented groups.

Mediation Service 

The mediation service can help resolve disagreements between members of staff with support from impartial, trained mediators.

Newcomers and Visiting Scholars (NVS)

The network is focussed on helping newcomers settle into a new life in Cambridge. They have interesting lectures with coffee/tea, walks with professional guides and the opportunity to join NVS run events and groups. You can meet others in person or via our virtual links.


This is a staff-centric programme developed in response to staff feedback and designed to unlock the potential of professional services staff in support of the mission of the University.

Postdoc Academy

The Postdoc Academy is the leading organisation of the postdoctoral community in Cambridge. The role of the Postdoc Academy is to enable each individual postdoc to realise their potential in their own ambitions and in contributing to the University and society as a whole.

The Postdoc Academy provide support in professional development, policy advocacy and pastoral services, as well as the provision of physical community-building spaces across the city, including:

  • Policy and Research Culture
  • Leadership Fellowships
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship training
  • Researcher development
  • Communication
  • Supporting postdoc networks and societies

Personal and Professional Development (PPD)

The PPD team offers a wide range of practical training and development opportunities to help staff explore their potential and get the most from their time at the University.

Reflection & Prayer Facilities

A number of rooms are made available by the University for its students, staff and authorised visitors, with the primary purpose of providing safe, clean and inclusive places for prayer and reflection.

Trade Unions

The University recognises Unison and Unite for collective bargaining and consultation for all staff with the status of University Assistant.  This unions also advise, support and represent their members in relation to individual members.


The University is committed to providing a healthy and fulfilling working environment and improving the quality of working lives for all staff.