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School of the Biological Sciences

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Named after its co-founder, Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon, the Gurdon Institute is a world-leading centre for research into the biology of development and how normal growth and maintenance go wrong in diseases such as cancer.

Based in the Old Addenbrookes Site in the centre of Cambridge, the Institute hosts more than 240 scientists in 16 research groups, working on projects ranging from breast cancer and brain development to liver regeneration and leukaemia. Many have made pioneering contributions to the fields of basic cell biology, cellular reprogramming, epigenetics and DNA repair.

Research conducted at the Institute has so far led to 13 spin-out companies (including KuDOS Pharmaceuticals, Abcam, CellCentric, Mission Therapeutics, Gen2 Neuro and Storm Therapeutics) and five candidate drugs. The Institute has a deep belief in its responsibility to contribute to society through their Public Engagement programme. In 2020 they were awarded the Silver Engage Watermark award for public engagement with an aim to inspire the next generation of scientists, positively impact the public perception of fundamental research and make public engagement part of the Institute’s research culture.

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Milner Therapeutics Institute

About the Milner Therapeutics Institute (MTI) 

Lives can be transformed when the strength of academia and business combine. As a biomedical institute, The MTI acts as a catalyst and a driver, forming dynamic partnerships to unlock the power of emerging discoveries. The Institute encompasses both a research institute and a global outreach programme, which aims to transform pioneering science into therapies.

The Institute on the biomedical campus provides a physical hub that combines the strength of academia and business to accelerate the development of therapies. Our own in-house research programme has built a mass of expertise in computational research and functional genomics, with a growing network of collaborative research partners.

  • The institute is the headquarters of the Milner Therapeutics Consortium, a partnership of fourteen Pharma companies and three academic Institutions. This consortium provides unique and diverse routes for our partners to engage with Cambridge academics and entrepreneurs. By creating innovative models of cross-sector collaboration, the Milner model provides a leading example internationally of how academic discoveries can move from the lab and into developmental pipelines that result in effective therapies.
  • The MTI supports entrepreneurs through its Frame Shift Bio-incubator, through partnership with the Start Codon Venture Builder and Investor, and through the Bio-spark early-stage entrepreneurial programme. It isthe biomedical hub for Connect: Health Tech, and the MTI works with other University organizations to create a wealth of resources and commercial support for academics seeking to put ideas into practice.

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