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School of the Biological Sciences

student admissions in Cambridge. Credit: Sir Cam

Cambridge is home to over 23,000 students from around the world and offers a wide range of undergraduate courses, covering more than 65 different subject areas, including biology and the biological sciences.  The undergraduate courses that encompass biology and the biological sciences are: Natural Sciences, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine.

Natural Sciences

Duration: 3 or 4 years    UCAS code: BCF0

The Natural Sciences course (also known as the Natural Science Tripos, NST) is the framework in which most of the physical, chemical and biological sciences are taught at Cambridge. This cross-disciplinary course allows students to experience a range of science subjects in their first and second years, including Cell Biology, Pathology and Genetics, through to Conservation, Plant Sciences and Physics. The flexibility and breadth of learning offered in year 1 and 2 of the Natural Sciences course provides an excellent foundation for specialisation of topic area in the third year based on the students own interests. Find out more



Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

 Duration: 3 years            UCAS code: C800

The Psychological and Behavioural Sciences course is an exciting, broad and flexible degree that covers all aspects of psychology.  Students are introduced to a range of subjects within the field of psychology and will learn from experts across cognitive, social, developmental and biological psychology within the broader context of the behavioural sciences. In the final year, students are placed in a research group to conduct their own original research project with the potential to make new discoveries in their chosen field. Find out more



Veterinary Medicine

Duration: 6 years            UCAS code: D100

The Cambridge Veterinary Medicine course offers a diverse and rewarding veterinary education in a world-class research and learning environment. The course has a strong practical emphasis where students begin working with major domestic species from week one, and subsequently with amphibians, reptiles, birds and ‘exotic’ mammals. Students have access to outstanding facilities to enable their learning and to equip them with the skills to confidently undertake the all-practical final year working in the hospital clinics. Find out more




Duration: 6 years            UCAS Code: A100

The Cambridge Medicine courses are intellectually stimulating and professionally challenging. As a medical student, you'll experience a rigorous, evidence-based medical education within the research-rich environment of the University. Students have opportunities to pursue research and project work throughout the course. We offer two medicine courses – the Standard Course and the Graduate Course. Find out more


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