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Signed Application forms plus supporting documentation are submitted to the School office (either electronically or via hard copy);

  1. Applications are allocated a reference number (PRE.yyyy.**) and then circulated to Committee members for review, normally within 5 days of receipt.  The applicant will be informed, via email, that the application has been received and circulated to the Committee for review;
  2. Committee members email comments/concerns (within an agreed deadline) to the Administrator who will then consolidate and forward back to the applicant to address;
  3. Applicants should address the comments in a covering letter and indicate any amendments to the Application Form and supporting documents using text highlighting or similar. These will be passed back to the Committee for review. Steps 2 and 3 may be repeated if the Committee feels it to be necessary;
  4. The Administrator will contact the applicant notifying him/her that favourable opinion has been granted and a formal letter (signed by the Secretary of the Ethics Committee) will be sent to all named applicants.


NB. The timeframe is dependent upon volume of work; for example, in the run up to the summer or Christmas vacation when the number of applications increases significantly, processing can take up to 12 weeks; however, in general, the aim is to complete the process within a 6-8 week timeframe.