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School of the Biological Sciences

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The School of Biological Sciences aims to attract a diverse community of the very best Research Fellows, supporting them with mentoring, researcher development training and a defined career progression pathway to enable them to achieve their full potential.

We are currently running a pilot scheme aiming to deliver mentoring, support and career development training for our Fellows to maximise their opportunities in pursuing whichever career pathway is right for them.

This Framework covers three main areas:



  • Transparent application process for prospective Fellows - contact the Head of the relevant Department or Institution to initiate discussions.
  • Expressions of interest from traditionally underrepresented groups actively encouraged.
  • Written agreement of what the University can offer in terms of development/career path; facilities; timelines for specific needs such as animal facilities, special equipment etc.


   Fellow Development

  • Structured induction programme including pre-arrival planning of Fellows’ needs.
  • Formal mentoring programme, providing careers advice, information, and resources.
  • Tailored package of researcher development training, including modules on grants management, supportive team leadership, research culture and impact.
  • Bespoke teaching opportunities to contribute to other aspects of university life and to gain industry engagement experience.


       Career Progression

  • Formal progress review process involving a coordinated School panel every 2 years (flexible to accommodate parental/sick leave/part-time working etc).
  • Reviews consider the quality of research outputs, using DORA-compliant indicators, as well as track record of collaboration, supportive team leadership and open research practices.
  • Reviews also focus on ensuring Fellows’ needs are being met, including those as set out in the pre-arrival written agreement.
  • Shortlisting for suitable University Teaching Officer positions in the School upon positive reviews.


Read the Research Fellows Framework document (pdf).


Find out more about Training and development opportunities for Fellows, including personal and professional development and mentoring.