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School of the Biological Sciences

Research in the School of Biological Sciences is diverse and spans animal, human, plant and microbial science, with the potential for significant impacts on societal challenges including health, disease, conservation and the environment. The School aims to be a leader in delivering real-world benefits through our research and is working to create, value and support the space needed to deliver these impactful outcomes.


Bioscience Impact Team

The Bioscience Impact Team is embedded in the School of Biological Sciences to support researchers in maximising the benefits of their work to society. Our Impact Facilitators work closely with researchers across Departments, with Research Theme Leads, Knowledge Exchange facilitators and with the School Senior Leadership Team to deliver a joined-up approach to research impact which is in line with the wider University strategy.

Through close connections to existing initiatives across Cambridge, the Bioscience Impact Team serves as a central hub for researchers looking to engage with partners in Industry (Milner Therapeutics Institute, Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences), Entrepreneurship (Cambridge Enterprise), Policy (Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy) and the Public (Central and Departmental Public Engagement Coordinators), all of which can significantly contribute to the research impact pipeline.


Researchers in the School of Biological Sciences have access to a range of internal funding calls to support and develop impact in line with their research programmes, such as:

Impact Case Studies

Through innovative research, our scientists have uncovered new insights into the functioning of the human body, have opened up new possibilities for the treatment of genetic diseases and the development of new, more sustainable food sources. Biological Sciences research has also provided crucial insights into the natural world, leading to the preservation and protection of endangered species and the development of new methods for sustainable agriculture.



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Bioscience Impact Facilitators

Carmen Fernandez-Posada

Lauren Maggs


Public Engagement Manager

Diogo Martins Gomes

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