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School of the Biological Sciences

Researchers from across the Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine showcased their exciting research under the theme ‘Changing Pathogens in a Changing World’ at the Cambridge Festival 2023.

Hosted in the Department of Pathology on 25th March, the event saw over 460 visitors engaging with the activities and we were delighted to see both adults and children feeling excited and curious about the science on display.

Using a wide range of workshops and hands-on activities, from interactive games to models and exhibitions, families were able to explore how Cambridge researchers are tackling some of the most challenging questions around climate change and infectious disease. Researchers were on hand to explain their work and also hear from the public how these problems can affect their lives.

Louise Boyle said, "It was a fantastic day of engagement with researchers and members of the public really interacting and sharing ideas about the science being showcased. It was also great to bring a public engagement angle to the work that researchers in Cambridge are doing on climate change and infectious disease, issues that ultimately could affect us all."

This work is part of a wider challenge area in the School of Biological Sciences investigating ‘Changing Pathogens in a Changing World’ as part of the Infection and Immunity Research Theme.