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School of the Biological Sciences


The Research Culture Champions Network is a cross-School collective of proactive individuals who are working across all Departments and Institutes to promote a positive research culture. The Network meet monthly to discuss relevant research culture issues, share best practice and identify priority areas for future intervention.



Jeongmin Choi

Department of Plant Sciences

I believe that the “Make it or Break it” attitude does not sustain academic success. I want to create a work environment where everyone is respected and supported for professional and personal growth.



Sarah Lloyd-Fox

Department of Psychology

I want to encourage a spirit of respect and openness, encourage autonomy and reward competence so that we generate a research environment where people feel a sense of belonging, and that they are valued, no matter who they are or what role they have.





Emily Mitchell

Department of Zoology




Elizabeth Murchison

Department of Veterinary Medicine

I would like to identify factors that contribute to good research culture, and to help put these into practice in my department and in the wider university community.





Klaus Okkenhaug

Department of Pathology




Darerca Owen

Department of Biochemistry

Research culture is being re-examined and reimagined by many scientific bodies. I would like us to be part of this new research society.





Taufiq Rahman

Department of Pharmacology





Milka Sarris (currently on Sabbatical leave)

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience



Ben Simons

Gurdon Institute

I want to contribute to the development of a culture where all researchers, and the support staff on whom they rely, feel valued, encouraged, and informed.





Ben Steventon

Department of Genetics

I hope to foster a research environment where people feel free to share their ideas and to boost inclusivity across the University.




Nicola Wilson

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

I want to help promote and create a positive research culture, an environment where everyone is treated equally, with respect and allowed to thrive.