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School of the Biological Sciences


There are several mentoring schemes available for different staff groups at the University:

Academic Career Pathways CV scheme

Support for academics who wish to apply for a promotion. Academics in more junior posts are matched up with senior academics who have extensive experience of the University’s promotions and receive feedback on their CV and application.

Reverse Mentoring

For staff from BAME backgrounds paired with senior colleagues.

Postdoc Academy

The Postdoc Academy provide a mentoring scheme for postdocs. It offers individualised formal matching between a postdoc and a mentor. Mentors come from academia, business and industry, but could also come from governance (should this be government?), administration and charities if requested.

OurCambridge self-match mentoring scheme

This mentoring scheme is for professional services staff, who can find their own mentor looking through a list of possible mentors with short profiles and areas of interest.

LindkedIn Learning mentoring pathway

It’s designed to support mentors and mentees make mentoring more effective, including the basics of mentoring, building positive mentoring relationships, self-awareness and self-reflection, goal setting, effective communication, and giving and receiving feedback.


Several of our Departments also offer their own mentoring schemes to specific staff groups.