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School of the Biological Sciences


The Council of the School


  • Professor Anna Philpott, Oncology

Heads of Department

  • Professor Eric Miska, Biochemistry
  • Professor Steve Russell, Genetics
  • Professor Heike Laman, Pathology
  • Professor Laura Itzhaki, Pharmacology
  • Professor Sarah Bray, Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
  • Professor Bill Colledge, Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
  • Professor Mark Johnson, Psychology
  • Professor Julian Hibberd, Plant Sciences
  • Professor Rebecca Kilner, Zoology
  • Professor Mark Holmes, Veterinary Medicine

Heads of Institutes

  • Professor Beverley Glover (observer), Botanic Garden
  • Professor Ben Simons, Gurdon Institute
  • Professor Henrik Jonsson, Sainsbury Laboratory
  • Professor Bertie Göttgens, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
  • Professor Anne Willis, MRC Toxicology Unit

Faculty Boards

  • Professor Dee Scadden (Biology), Biochemistry
  • Professor Patrick Maxwell (Clinical Medicine), Medicine

Co-opted Members

  • Dr Ana Catarina da Silva (postdoctoral observer), Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr Lida Derevnina (Early PI observer), Plant Sciences
  • Dr Jeongmin Choi (Early PI observer), Plant Sciences
  • Dr N. Sumru Bayin (Early PI observer), Gurdon

Student representatives

  • Mr Sam Brown (undergraduate), Churchill
  • TBC (postgraduate)


  • Ms Milly Bodfish (Secretary)
  • Dr Fiona Russell (Deputy Secretary)

CSBS minutes (open and reserved) and papers (reserved only) can be found on the School of the Biological Sciences Information Hub here.

Meeting dates 2023-2024

Monday 23 October 2023

Monday 27 November 2023

Monday 29 January 2024

Monday 25 March 2024

Monday 20 May 2024

Monday 8 July 2024

Meeting dates 2024-2025

Monday 21 October 2024

Monday 25 November 2024

Monday 27 January 2025

Monday 24 March 2025

Monday 19 May 2025

Monday 7 July 2025