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School of the Biological Sciences



Professor of Developmental Cardiovascular Physiology & Medicine, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Dino Giussani’s lab is an international lead in the investigation of how adverse pregnancy conditions can increase the risk of heart disease in the offspring. Learn more


Research Areas

Developmental Programming       


In vivo cardiovascular physiology
Isolated Langendorff preparation
In vitro wire myography

Areas for Collaboration

Stem cell therapy for developmental origins of cardiovascular disease
MRI imaging in large animals, such as sheep
Developmental programming of neurodegenerative diseases, including memory impairment
Developmental programming of arrhythmogenesis
Developmental programming of the reproductive axis, including GnRH neuronal physiology
The molecular basis underlying carotid body oxygen and glucose sensing in fetal life
Carotid body electrophysiology
Epigenetic basis of patriline and matriline intergenerational programming
The developmental regulation of stem and progenitor cells in the mammalian lung in complicated pregnancy

Research Themes

Reproduction, Development and Lifelong Health