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School of the Biological Sciences


Next Generation Fellow, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

Courtney Hanna’s research focuses on molecular and epigenetic regulators of placental development. Learn more


Research Areas

Gene regulation
Lineage specification


Molecular biology
Genomic sequencing
Single cell RNA-sequencing


Research Theme




Key publications: 



Hanna CW, Huang J, Belton C, Reinhardt S, Dahl A, Andrews S, Stewart AF, Kranz A, Kelsey G (2021). Loss of histone methyltransferase SETD1B in oogenesis results in the redistribution of genomic histone 3 lysine 4 trimethylation. BioRxiv. doi:

Hanna CW, Kelsey G (2021). Features and mechanisms of canonical and non-canonical genomic imprinting. Genes & Development, 35(11-12):821-34.


Castillo-Fernandez J, Herrera-Puerta E, Demond H, Clark SJ, Hanna CW, Hemberger M, Kelsey G (2020). Increased transcriptome variation and localized DNA methylation changes in oocytes from aged mice revealed by parallel single-cell analysis. Aging Cell, 19(12):e13278.

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Book Chapters

Dean W, Hanna CW (2019). Epigenetics of early mammalian development: a pathway to regenerative medicine. In “Epigenetics and Regeneration” Palacios (Ed). Elsevier Inc., New York. 

Hanna CW, Robinson WP (2017). Placentation and genomic imprinting.  In “Epigenetics in Human Reproduction and Development” Naumova and Taketo (Eds). World Scientific, Singapore.