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School of the Biological Sciences

Woman scientist holding and looking at a petri dish

The School of Biological Sciences has announced three new Professor posts in areas of significant research importance across the biological sciences: Professor of Evolutionary Networks, Professor of Biotic Interactions and Professor of Integrative and Systems Neuroscience. These exciting new positions aim to attract experts in their fields to drive interdisciplinary innovation whilst complementing and strengthening our existing academic excellence.

Fostering a collaborative culture is a priority for the School and this new recruitment initiative builds on the success of the School’s Research Themes which were established in Spring 2021 to promote collaboration and scientific interactions across Departmental boundaries.

Professor Jon Simons, Acting Head of the School of Biological Sciences said, “In line with our academic vision, the School of Biological Sciences is committed to fostering scientific collaboration and innovation. Recruitment to these three new Professorships will continue to drive momentum across areas of strategic importance, and we look forward to welcoming leaders in their fields to our thriving research environment”.



Professor of Evolutionary Networks

The study of evolutionary networks and the complexities of genome and species relationships is an area of strategic focus for the Functional and Evolutionary Genomics Research Theme, and encompasses research perspectives from across many Departments and disciplines. Areas of particular interest for this new role include novel sequencing technologies, environmental genomics and new perspectives in extant and historic ecological and environmental interactions. Expertise in the implementation and development of machine learning and AI approaches to drive advances in evolutionary networks is equally of interest.

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Professor of Biotic Interactions

The study of biotic interactions is an area of strategic importance and represents a new opportunity to integrate research across scales and systems in the Organisms, Evolution and Ecology Research Theme and associated Departments. Areas of particular interest include understanding inter-specific interactions and their response to global environmental challenges, the application of molecular biology and genomics to better understand cross-kingdom interactions and ecology, and research into poorly studied ecosystems such as soil or extreme environments. Expertise that spans scales and systems, or that makes use of AI approaches, is also of interest for this new position.

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Professor of Integrative and Systems Neuroscience

Integrative and systems neuroscience is an area of strategic importance for the Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour Research Theme and this new role represents an opportunity to integrate research across scales, species and systems. We are particularly interested in recruiting researchers who have experience with experimental approaches to bridge the bench-to-bedside divide, studying specific aspects of neuroscience that would provide the widest opportunity for interdepartmental research synergies and translational potential. A track record in cross-mammalian species approaches would be particularly encouraged.

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