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School of the Biological Sciences


Murray Edwards - 14 April 2016

Sharing best practice regarding pathways to impact.



As a follow-up from the Impact workshop held in December, Claire Higgitt, Marla Fuchs, Kate Parsley and Michele Anderson put together a ‘train the trainers’ event to assist the various people involved in helping write pathways to impact across the University.

The workshop started with a scene-setting presentation from Daniela Hensen from BBSRC giving the research council’s view of impact.  This was followed by a brainstorming session facilitated by Cambridge Enterprise, CSaP, OEAC and Translational Research Managers.  Delegates gave input as to ‘what works’, ‘what doesn’t work’, ‘how can impact be measured’ and ‘how can we see into the future’. 



pic2The feedback from this session will be used to generate a practical ‘how-to’ guide – please email  if you would like to be involved in this working group.  After replenishing our energy with coffee and cookies we examined ‘good’ and ‘bad’ pathways to impact and ended the event with a group discussion before further networking over dinner.  We hope that the lessons learned at this event can be cascaded out and lead to improved impact plans.