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School of the Biological Sciences


Departments within the School are assigned a contact within the Equality and Diversity Section, to provide support and advice throughout the submission process and beyond. These contacts are:

Vivien Hodges

Gina Warren

Kevin Coutinho

For further information, please see the University's Athena SWAN webpages 


Within each department there is an academic lead and an administrative contact who head up the Self Assessment Panel, and are responsible for the submission, and ensuring the Action Plan is implemented. For the departments and institutes intending to submit for Bronze or Silver awards during 2013 and 2014 those contacts are:

Department of Biochemistry
Academic Lead: Dr Kathryn Lilley
Administrative Contacts: Julie Boucher and Stephanie Morley

The Gurdon Institute
Administrative Contact: Ann Cartwright

Department of Pharmacology
Academic Lead: Dr Ruth Murrell-Lagnado
Administrative Contact: Jessica Dunne

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
Academic Lead: Prof Abby Fowden
Administrative Contact: Fiona Duncan

Department of Plant Sciences
Academic Lead: Dr Julia Davis
Administrative Contact: Catherine Butler

Department of Psychology
Academic Lead: Prof Susan Golombok
Administrative Contact: Kate Stacey

Sainsbury Laboratory
Academic Lead: Prof Ottoline Leyser
Administrative Contact: Anne Crozat

Department of Veterinary Medicine
Academic Lead: Prof Duncan Maskell
Administrative Contacts: Judith Drinkwater / Meg Staff

Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
Academic Lead: Dr Katrin Ottersbach
Administrative Contact: Lynn Kennedy

Department of Zoology
Academic Lead: Dr Rebecca Kilner
Administrative Contact: Julian Jacobs