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School of the Biological Sciences


University Lecturer, Department of Pharmacology

Theme Lead, Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour 

David Bulmer uses normal and diseased human tissue to determine the mediators responsible for the activation of pain sensing nerves (nociceptors) in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients, and the mechanism by which they activate nociceptors. Learn more


Research Areas

Visceral Pain
Gastrointestinal Pharmacology
Sensory nerves
Ion channels
G protein coupled receptors


Electrophysiological recordings
Ca2+ imaging
Whole cell patch clamp

Areas for Collaboration

Psychology – effect of anxiety, depression on visceral pain
Microbiota – influence on the peripheral nervous system
Autism – pathophysiology of gastrointestinal symptoms
Bioelectronic - regulation of gut function

Research Theme