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School Offices

Postal address

School of the Biological Sciences
17 Mill Lane


01223 766894


01223 332355



Head of School Abby Fowden 01233 766875
Head of School PA

Ann Tyler 01223 766875
Secretary of the School Karen Douglas 01223 766894
Director of Education David Good 01223 334534
Ethics Coordinator (Psychology and Human Biology
Research Ethics Committees)
Cheryl Torbett

01223 766876
Appointments Committee for the Faculty of Biology Chad Pillinger

01223 766944
Student Coordinator Samantha
Rigby-Coghlan 01223 766899
Degree Committee for the Faculty of Biology ** Vacant 01223 766906

Secretary, Faculty Board of Biology
Deputy Secretary of School

Fiona Russell 01223 766899
Faculty Office 01223 766899
Graduate School ** Meg Staff

01223 761569
Administrator, Amgen Scholars Summer School
and European Coordinating Centre
SBS IT Committee Chairman Nabeel Affara
(Pathology) 01223 333700
SBS IT Committee Secretary Jessica Dunne
(Pharmacology) 01223 334002
SBS IT Liaison Jenny Barna 01223 333644
Bioinformatics Training Facility Gabriella Rustici
Finance Manager Felicity Webster 01223 766897
Operations Director Karl Wilson 01223 766904
Finance Advisor Adam Durrant 01223 761568
Secretary Annie MacKay 01223 766944
Safety Officer Mark Elsdon 01223 332797


** See the Graduate School web site for information on related staff based elsewhere.

Unlike the School Finance team, the School Human Resources and Research Office teams are based elsewhere and full up-to-date details are to be found on the University Offices web site.

If you cannot see the information you need please fill in this form to contact the webmaster.