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School of the Biological Sciences


The Managers will consider applications for grants from the Fund, as funds allow, once a year.  The Managers will consider a maximum of two applications per department to be put in order of priority by the Head of Department.

The income of the Fund is available, after certain special provisions have been made, 'for the general purposes of the Medical School of the University of Cambridge'.  Regulations (see Ordinances, 2014 page 946), specify that the Medical School shall be deemed to consist of the Faculties of Biology and Clinical Medicine.  The Managers will apply a test of whether an application is for the purposes of the Medical School and will interpret this as for teaching or research in medicine and related biological subjects.

The Managers intend to use the Fund mainly to support teaching and research by awards for the purchase of equipment. The attention of potential applicants for travel grants is drawn to the Parke Davis Exchange Fellowship Fund. The Managers will not make awards for undergraduate expeditions or towards the University or College fees or maintenance costs of graduate students or to persons who are neither working in Cambridge nor intending to come to Cambridge.

The annual total of awards will be approx. £100K.

Applications should be submitted to the School office - application form below. Only the completed form will be considered by the Managers, and all forms must be countersigned by the Head of the (University) Department indicating his or her support for the application (you are advised to check your Department's internal deadline for receipt of applications).

The deadline for submission of applications is 30 May 2023

SBS Secretary
Secretary to the Managers
Marmaduke Sheild Fund
School of the Biological Sciences
17 Mill Lane


Application form (Word)

Application form (PDF)