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School of the Biological Sciences


Many facilities offer hands-on training and advice. In addition there are timetabled courses and general seminars that help develop specific research skills, including some from various course providers outside the School itself. Not all departmental training is listed here. Your department or institute can advise you of other opportunities.

Please carefully check how to register for courses and contact the organizer to request permission to attend if appropriate. This is the case with some courses for graduate students put on by specific departments, and PhD programmes, if you are not a member. Space may be very restricted. Some researchers attend undergraduate biology courses to build knowledge. Attendance at maths courses is also sometimes helpful. Again please seek permission to attend  from the organizer.


If you see last year's timetable or wrong information please tell us.


Biochemical techniques

Bioinformatics practical training

Cognitive and brain science seminars

Computing and IT, including scientific programming, practical training

Developmental mechanisms (core)

Developmental mechanisms (experimental approaches)

Flow cytometry introductory sessions

Home Office and IAT licence training courses

Research Integrity

Seminars (all subjects)


Undergraduate courses in natural sciences

University training (all centrally booked courses)