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Flow cytometry: Cytek stains

Consideration of multicolour fluorochrome combinations which should work well on the Cytek DxP8
1st choice alternatives less good
BluFL1 alexa488 FITC     alexa488 alexa488   alexa488
BluFL2 (PE)       (PE) (PE)   (PE)
BluFL3 PerCP-Cy5.5 PE-Cy5.5 PerCP   PerCP-Cy5.5 PerCP-Cy5.5   PerCP-Cy5.5
BluFL4               PE-Cy7
RedFL1 eFluor660 alexa 660 alexa647   eFluor660 eFluor660   eFluor660
RedFL2 APC-eFluor780 APC-alexa 750       APC-eFluor780   APC-eFluor780
YellowFL1 PE       PE PE   PE
YellowFL2 Texas Red       Texas Red     Texas Red
notes 1 2
1 This 6 colour stain will work best if the weaker antigens are assigned to the PE and efluor660 channels and the stronger to Texas Red and APC-eFluor780
2 alternatively turn the yellow laser off and use BLUFL2 for PE
some fluorochromes will take up 2 channels e.g PE - bold shows the 'strongest' (theoretical); you cannot compensate a fluorochrome against itself, it might be best to 'turn off' one PMT in some circumstances
alexa 568 Yellow FL1 YellowFL2
PE-Cy5 Blu FL3 Red FL1
PI Blu FL2 BluFL3 yellowFL1 YellowFL2
PI is a special case; you probably can gate out the dead cells and still use some spillover channels
The above suggestions are not intended to be an exhaustive list of fluorochromes which will work. Ask Nick or Nigel if you want further information