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NST Part IB CDB Lectures and practicals


 Lectures are held on Thursdays, Saturdays and Tuesdays in the Biffen Lecture Theatre. A brief summary of the lectures is below. More information can be downloaded for synopses and timetables.


  • Molecular Biology of the Cell Nucleus I & II
  • Genetic Systems of Prokaryotes: Prokaryotic Strategies
  • Gene Expression and Cell Decisions
  • Molecular Genetics of Yeast Cells
  • Genome Organisation and Genomics


  • Organelle Biogenesis
  • Cytoskeleton and Mitotic Cell Division
  • Membrane Trafficking
  • Intercellular Communication I & II
  • Development I & II


  • Development III & IV


The practical classes are designed to give experience of major experimental techniques which are in current use in cell biology and which illustrate fundamental concepts in cell biology.

Practicals are held on Tuesdays or Fridays in the Department of Zoology.