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Overview of Undergraduate Education

The School contributes to three major undergraduate programmes. A course or programme is known in the University of Cambridge as a Tripos. The Faculty of Biology provides undergraduate education in Biological Sciences within the Natural Sciences Tripos (NST). It also provides pre-clinical education for students in the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos (MVST). A new Tripos has recently been created in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences (PBS).

More information, for both students and staff, is to be found at the web sites listed. A few inter-departmental NST course sites are contained here while other NST course sites are within individual departmental web sites. The Faculty of Biology hosts the MVST web site.

Prospective students make an application to a specific college, as explained in the prospectus, and apply for one of the courses mentioned above depending on their interests and goals. If you are interested in a different course, you should find the information in the same prospectus.