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Funding in the School

The School receives funding from the range of sources expected for a large research- and teaching- intensive organization.

Additionally, the School administers a number of funds, for people already in the University or planning to study or work here. The Sheild Fund is for teaching and research in biology and medicine and is mainly for equipment. The Slater Fund is similar but mainly for travel. The Grindley Fund provides grants for research in behaviour. The Parke Davis Fund is for exchange fellowships. Specific funding calls are advertised on the Home page.

Other sources of funding information

Prospective graduate students will find additional information on the Graduate School web site.

Funding information and research opportunities for undergraduates can be found on the Faculty of Biology website.

Financial hardship support for students and support for students with children or disabilities is available from various sources as explained on the Student Registry web site.

Travel funds may be available from the University Educational and Student Policy section.

Departments and colleges may have additional funds for travel etc.

Extremely comprehensive information about external funding for research, travel etc is available from ResearchResearch.

Further information and support for staff seeking external funds is available from the the Research Operations Office.